Looking for Michael Kors rubber boots!

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  1. Help! I'm looking for these boots, I'm in Toronto, so I need a place that ships to Canada, b/c I checked HR and they don't have them!
    MK boots.jpg
  2. I have those! I bought them last year. They run big.
  3. i bought a similar pair of michael kors ones from browns shoes online - more like a motorcycle boot. not sure if they had that style too
  4. thanks girls, i'll check out browns online and see if they have them!
  5. they are called the Kors Michael Kors 'Splash'

    i bought a pair from N-A-P about two years ago and i love when it snows over here as i have a good reason to wear them.

    dont know if you can still find them, they run slightly big as i got a 7 and all my other Kors shoes are a 7.5 in size. goodluck
  6. I don't know if they have Marshalls there but I literally just bought those on clearance last week - $29. Amazing deal. Good luck!
  7. Hi! Please only post DEALS in this forum :tup:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.