Looking for Michael Kors Rehearsal Satchel in Blush Metallic

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  1. I don't know if this will help, but www.zappos.com carries a lot of Michael Kors bags and they always offer free shipping.
  2. i look there already but they don't ave it n ths color. thanks anyway.
  3. you should try calling the michael kors store in new york...they have tons of stuff and the SAs are very helpful!
  4. Wow! That is a pretty color, no doubt!
  5. I think Bloomies had it on sale for like half off
  6. i checked with them already and they are sold out.
  7. today might just be your lucky day. =P

    i saw this thread in the afternoon and i've been thinking long and HARD for the past couple of hours where i saw this bag...other than the dept stores already mentioned....

    it started with K...so i tried kultic first...and then i couldn't think of any.

    well, guess what- persistence paid off. i hope one of these is the bag you're looking for! =)



    hope that helps!~