Looking for Metallics

  1. I'm looking for the highly-coveted metallics...magenta, pewter and all the rest. It doesn't matter what color or bag. Please post here or PM me if anyone comes up with anything. Thanks!!!

    (I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this; please close or move me if necessary!)
  2. What size are you looking for? Probably best to search on ebay.
  3. I wish more eBay sellers would post receipts with what they sell. I'm always so skeptical that it'll turn out fake. Unfortch, eBay is probably the only way to go for metallics at this point...boo.
  4. I stopped offering my receipts on ebay except in certain auctions. It seems you can SELL your receipts, store shopping bags and tags on some other sight and make money and someone actually told me she received a FAKE bag on ebay with a copy of MY receipt (it just had my name, all other info blacked out)...I was shocked....a receipt with the bag on auction doesnt mean anything to me anymore. Cant wait till I sell the rest of the few things I have left to sell and I can get away from ebay all together.
  5. oh! almost forgot, wish I had known you wanted metallics. I just bought a Metallic Shoulder in Magenta on ebay that I now no longer have.
  6. GRRR! Metallic Magenta is like, my dream. No biggie...hopefully I'll be able to luck out somehow.

    BTW, that whole thing about buying/selling receipts is so foul. There's gotta be a better way for people who just want to buy/sell/trade authentic stuff.
  7. I am wanting ANYTHING in metallic magenta as well..please keep me in mind if you know where to get those items!!
  8. Our own Fayden has her 05-Pewter Day on eBay right now!!
  9. I agree about the receipts. I never post receipts on a listing, nor do I send them out. There's way too much personal information on them and once you send them, you have no control where they end up. Plus, they're fairly meaningless because fake bags show up with receipts, authenticity cards--all sorts of stuff. You really need to look at the photos and the reputation of the seller. Especially the reputation of the seller because the photos and also the text sometimes get stolen. It's awful, isn't it? The other week I bid on a high-end necklace on ebay (vintage George Jensen)--and was outbid--and then got 6 (six!) second-chance solicitations--NONE of which were real.
  10. kabella9, there's a beautiful pewter day posted on achtung. :yes: