Looking for metallic soho flap (I think!)

  1. Hello! I am new to these boards, and have never owned a Coach. I am looking for a particular piece. I already posted on the ongoing thread looking for pieces, and I copied and pasted my post from there....

    ***Hi! This is my first post on these boards...I was recommended to come here from another board I frequent (not purse related, it is a cooking board that has a "miscellaneous" sub board) because I am looking for a Coach bag that I saw at an outlet in S FL on Friday. When I called back later that afternoon to get some info on it (wanted to google it and show a freind the picture) it was already sold.

    I have talked with several "Coach" friends, and even someone who does a lot of selling on eBay, and no one knows of this purse. It was (I am quoting what the SA told me, hope she was right) a "metallic soho flap." What I loved about it was it was all pewter with brown leather trim. it was not the "optic" or siganture. It was all leather. The price was $299 and it was 20% off.****

    Anyway, I have krispin hot on the case. I would like to see a picture of it, even if you own it and it is not for sale. I want to show it to my friend. Also, I would like the product number.

    I already called the outlet...I called the same day as I saw it, and it was SOLD! *sob*:push: I have called Coach directly, been talking with an eBay seller who says she can find hard to find Coach products...no one knows this bag! Well, Krispin knows it, thank goodness, cuz I was thinking I was crazy!

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    except pewter?
  3. Close! But it had a brown flap, and the color was more pewter than silver. I am pretty sure the shoulder starp was brown, too. Thanks for trying!
  4. i think i've seen the one you're talking about. it came out just before all the spring stuff did this year.

    it's silver leather and has silver hardware with a dark brown strap right?

    anyway i'm sure you'll find it with tPf girls on your side ;)
  5. Yup! I loved the dark brown flap and strap on that pewter. I could see where some people would not like it. I have never owned a Coach, but now I have a burning desire to own this particular one. The thing is, the most I have ever paid for a purse was $100, and I thought THAT was a lot! So I gotta see if I can locate it and how much it is. Since it is hard to find, I am afarid it will be VERY expensive and I am going to kick myself even more for not getting it when I saw it.

    If it was under $200, I definitely would have bought it.

    I am glad I found this forum...I am sure SOMEONE out there has it, or knows someone who does. If I can just get the item number, I can start calling around different outlets.
  6. I'm still looking, but I did find the satchel and the hobo on the drilldown.

    Satchel (10597)

    Hobo (10593):

    The other thing I can suggest is to call Call Coach customer service, give them the description of the bag (perhaps these stock #'s since they are the same materials) and they can often locate the bag for you.
  7. Mrs Linas-Thanks for trying, but that is not it...this had a brown flap and strap. it was also a darker silver. That is a pretty purse, though!

    Hi again Krispin! I did call coach...the 888 number. I described it and the SA took a lot of time searching, and could never find it. Maybe I should try again, and get a different SA. I do like that hobo, that is my second favorite so far.

    to everyone who is trying! I appreciate the help!:heart:
  8. Is this it? [​IMG]
  9. No, the flap extended down over the purse and had a silver buckle. The flap was a different color than the purse. The purse was pewter, (dark silver) not bronze. It was a different shape than that...more like a soho flap. Thanks for trying, though! Keep looking!:smile:
  10. just bumping! Thanks!
  11. I've seen a soho flap in this color combination before. Nope, you're not going crazy;) sorry I don't know more
  12. Here is another (10598)

    I would assume the one you are looking for is in the 10593-10598 range. I would call customer service and see if they can look up each number minus the three posted here.
  13. Thanks jewel and didn't!

    jewel...I did call the 888 Coach number before I posted here...and the guy was so patient and tried to locate it but couldn't. Now that I have these item numbers, I hope it will help zero in on it. Will they be able to help me find what outlet it is at?
  14. From what i have read in other threads, the Coach metallic stuff wears off easy. I was sad when I read this because I love the metallic too and almost bought a silver wristlet but didn't