Looking for metallic black luxe bowler LARGE

  1. I know this is a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if anyone has seen any of these little guys (or big guys) around. :confused1: I recall seeing the large metallic black luxe tote at my Chanel a couple days ago so I know there may be random pieces of luxe metallic black floating around. Please let me know if the LARGE bowler is spotted so I may pursue my HG! :flowers:
  2. There is one on eBay. =)
  3. Thanks for the response, pinkcrazy! All of the ones on eBay are fakes, though..? :push:
  4. I saw an authentic one about two days ago. I dont know whether its till up. It has the goat skin and its metallic black. But if you are cautious, you can always put it in authenticate this thread and ask the experts. I think it is your best bet as it is sold out everywhere. Try calling chanel's 800 number too!
  5. Thanks sweetie! Good luck with your medium hunt too! :tup:
  6. Not that one. It's being sold by one of our own tPF members. :yes:

    Edit note: I need to revise this: it WAS sold by one of our own tPF members. I thought the auction was still going on, but it ended. Sorry!
  7. yes. that was the one i saw.. =( sorry.. maybe new ones will come up soon?? cross our fingersss
  8. Let's keep our fingers crossed for two of those large bags!! I want one tooooo!!!! I had it in my hand and didn't buy it a few months ago....couldn't afford it at the time...and now it's gone...It's not fair!
  9. well well.. if they really dont show up again I'm sure we will fall in love with another bag from the new seasons.. and soon those bag will stop hunting us..=p As long as Karl keep us on our toes with his designs!
  10. Oh I hope so!! :girlsigh:My first Chanel bag should be nothing more than perfect!! We'll just have to wait and see.....