looking for melrose flap

  1. is this still available out there? I already got mine but my aunt wanted one and well, i offered I would help her look for one... thanks.
  2. Charlotte NM had the flap and the cabas style a few weeks ago. 704-442-7900.
  3. I found a Melrose flap both at Saks in Troy, MI and NM in Troy, MI as well.
  4. great, thanks...
  5. looking under chanel catalog shopping code, you can order them online at NM.
  6. Chanel in Bloomingdale's in NYC (Midtown) had them as of last week.
  7. jsg-Were you able to find the bag?
  8. My Saks had them as well
    504-524-2200 ask for Rhoda ext 5355
  9. i live out of the country so i already forwarded the contact to my cousin, will let you know if she is able to locate -- she lives in Northern CA..San Francisco is the nearest one she has.
  10. try wynn vegas too! gd luck!