Looking for matte Black reissue 227 with silver hardware ?

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  1. Anybody knows if anywhere selling this ? i have been seaching around NM not having it, nordstrom no, and the BG sold out, I would like to know if any sak has this especailly the ECG event is coming , please help
  2. I just saw this at my local Neimans. Please call Cynthia at 949-887-3765 and tell her Lani sent you.

    FYI, my Saks SA told me Saks only ordered the metallic black 227 this season, and Bloomies only ordered matte black with gold hw.
  3. I think I saw one at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus a week ago. Give them a call!
  4. thanks i will give them a call tomorrow . hopefully they still have it
  5. saks has it , call delysee 248-5151126
  6. nm boston has one:smile: