looking for matinee in wine--with short straps?!

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  1. i love my black and pewter rebecca minkoff morning after bag. i'm in the market for red bag. i would just get another MAB, but i feel like i should get something different, so i'm looking for the matinee in wine. BUT!! i think i prefer the shorter studded straps to the longer dangly ones.

    see shorter studded straps here: [​IMG]

    and the longer, dangly straps here: [​IMG]

    if anyone comes across the matinee in wine with the shorter straps, please let me know! thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey there, I hate to rain on your parade but the Matinee in wine was not made with the shorter "tassels". I own the bag and it is gorgeous, so I can understand where youre coming from! :yes:
  3. well that's good to know! i still think i'll get it--i really love it. so many good rebecca minkoff sales--crossing my fingers i'll find it for a little less!