Looking for Matinee in New Black (Pics included)

  1. Hi everyone, I've been looking for this Matinee, and can't seem to find it anywhere online. Posting here just in case someone has seen it -- help please? Thank you so much. Also if anyone here owns one... what's the leather like? Is it thick like the Glazed Espresso, or thin and smooshy? Thanks again!

    New Black/Black Suede/Gold Hardware
  2. Oh snap! Ive seen this somewhere, I think. I will get back to you!

    Edit to add: It was here, but it looks to be sold out. http://www.lunaboston.com/ProductInfo/Rebecca%20Minkoff/18693.aspx

    However, LB is awesome about special ordering stuff. Shoot Sara @ luna boston an email and with the picture you have up there and just ask if they can order it for you. I pretty sure you can use the 20% code on special orders too. Her email is sarac@lunaboston.com
  3. GUNG, thanks for the reply. Sara sold me my two RMs :smile: and she DOES rock, helping me out with my orders (I'm not based in the US). She did tell me she will find out, I just wanted to put it out there just in case anyone here knows of anything else, I am impatient like that! LOL :smile:
  4. ^That is one gorgeous bag! I love the black on black! ;)
  5. that bag is pretty!
  6. You're making me crave that bag!!! It's beautiful.....now I regret not getting a Matinee.
  7. That bag is beautiful. The leather in the picture looks a lot like the leather on my midnight matinee. It's very soft. I had a glazed almond one and the leather was much stiffer on it. If this is like my bag, the leather seems like it will soften nicely with use. I wish they'd had this combo in the sample sale!
  8. I know ladies :sad: I am still looking for it...
  9. Sorry I can't help in your quest, but I'm just curious why it's called "new" black? Is it different than just standard black?
  10. No idea really, I just asked about it somewhere online (store) and they told me it was New Black... hehe.
  11. Oh it is lovely.
  12. theglamorous, I know :sad: you ladies are making my cry lol I can't find it anywhere!!!
  13. Oh don't cry m-a-d!! We'll find it for you, I'm sure. In fact, get Special Agents GUNG or Contessa on the case, one of them is bound to find it for you!!
  14. lol thanks balihai88 :biggrin: I've got an SA on it as well, who is supposed to let me know once she finds something :smile: you ladies are all fab :biggrin:
  15. I have a Matinee in Midnight & Pewter. I think the "new black" may actually be the glossy black leather which is Midnight. It is a stunning purse.