Looking for Matelasse Tote in Violet and/or small Matelasse top handle tote

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  1. Hi miu miu fans - I have been looking at Miu miu's again and just discovered that they won't be at Neimans, Saks, etc anymore! I am searching for these 2 bags preferably in red/violet or purple. I also like the Charms bigger tote in violet. Its tough to choose a bag when you cannot go try them on, but these fit my needs (gotta have a crossbody strap, be

    I am guessing the small matelasse tote went on sale and I may have missed out. I email Renato but he's out till jan 14, so if anyone has seen these bags anywhere please let me know! I also love these 2 wallets but the bright pink zipped one is sold out on diabro...any clues on where to find that?

    Thanks everyone for your help!! :yes:

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  2. The smaller Matelasse in Purple Metalic is still on the Saks web site and as for the larger one there are several from respectable sellers on ebay in Graphite and Red.

    Good Luck! Did you hear why they're not going to be sold at NM or Saks?