Looking for matching wallter

When you call ask if they are busy I think you have to be patient with them it is the holiday season after all. Just say hi I'm looking for a product could you help me find it, I have a style number and sku let the sa know you're not just wasting his/her time. Be pleasant and see what happens! I know that if there's a line at a register they don't want to tool around in the system, timing is key and if that sa can't help you try again. Macys are everywhere.


Aug 12, 2009
Hello ladies

I bought a cobalt maggie and cobalt sabrina and I am having a hard time tracking down a matching wallet for it. I have been searching everywhere
but no luck maybe someone can help me locate one thankyou
I did see the Cobalt Patent wallet online at Nordstrom.com! I never did see them in at least my Nordstrom in MN!
Good Luck in your search!!!

Lynne :biggrin:


Nov 24, 2009
Well, this morning I called a Macy's and the SA was really helpful. She looked up the UPC for me and said that none of the Macy's in the St. Louis area have it. She did say that the Macy's in Herald Square in New York show they have 14. I called this morning but I kept getting transfered and was never able to speak to someone. I didn't worry about it because I figured they were busy.

Incidentally, is this the same Macy's in New York that had a fire tonight? Yikes!! :wtf:

I called the Nordstrom's and Dillards in my area and no luck there either. All the stores have been extremely nice to deal with though.

I might try calling the NY store back after the holidays to see if they still have any in stock. I'm honestly not sure I want to pay the full retail price for the wallet so I was hoping to get a deal. But...we'll see. Thanks for all your help!