Looking for Massai

  1. help! i'm looking for a birthday gift for my sister and decided on a massai in clemence pm in raisin color. any sightings? there's no hermes where i'm from :tdown:
    so i'm wlling to get from a reputable reseller but still prefer to buy from the hermes store. any info will help. thanks!
  2. you might want to contact luxury zurich and see if they have one or can locate one. good luck! it's a fabulous bag in a fabulous color! what a nice sister you are!
  3. ^^Oh, I am hoping that you are one of my brothers!! (I don't have a sister).
    Good luck in finding this!
  4. Does Jemz & Jewels still have one? It wasn't raisin, green, perhaps?
  5. oh.. our sydney store has the raisin in clemence, PM Size

    i saw it yesterday!
    I think the price is AUD$4350 (inc gst) or something close to that...
  6. i ordered an etoupe massai at the hermes sydney store. it isn't raisin but etoupe is a close second! they have brighton blue, potiron, black, orange and rouge h if anyone's interested. thanks again kasumi168, for your tip!