Looking for Marshmallows made from anything but pork gelatin

  1. My boyfriend is Muslim and cannot eat Marshmallows because they contain pork gelatin. Does anyone know of any marshmallows made from horse gelatin or the seaweed gelatin substitute?

    I think I read Jello brand makes vegetarian jello although it is not easy to find so I wasn't sure if Kraft made vegetarian or an alternate marshmallow...

    Any help would be great!
  2. i saw on a food show them making marshmallows and did not use gelitin im sorry i cant find it maybe try googling make your own marshmallow
  3. i had no idea that marshmallow had pork gelatin. yuck

    i learned something new today
  4. Japhson, yes they have pork gelatin... a lot of desserts and whatnot are all made from pork gelatin. I think its cheaper. It is a little shocking though because so many people don't eat pork whether for religious, health or just b/c so it seems companies are missing out on a huge demographic.

    JSH, thanks for the links! Hopefully I can get a sample of hte marshmallows when I am in town and hopefully they will be awesome. I feel terrible my boyfriend not being able to eat my marshmallows but my mom keeps mailing me chocolate covered marshmallows.
  5. Wow that is a new one. I never knew that...
  6. ^^ me neither....good thing I don't eat them but on a very rare occasion..
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    Pork gelatin? Eww. I never would have guessed that.

    I just looked at the small package of Kraft Halloween marshmallows in my son's Halloween candy. It has gelatin in the ingredients, but not pork gelatin. How do I know which it is?
  8. You can google the product to see which kind of gelatin but as far as I know, all Kraft products containing gelatin have pork gelatin. I live in France right now so its a little easier to tell which kinds of gelatin and whatnot are pork or beef b/c it says on most products. Knox gelatin in the US is made from pork gelatin but you can find agar agar geltain subsitute made from seaweed I think to make things requiring gelatin. I am not sure where you find beef gelatin though. It would jsut be so nice to be able to buy packaged marshmallows already made and other products containing gelatin without having to make it from scratch.
  9. I bought Jewish Kosher marshmallows at Whole Foods. I think those are made without pork gelatin
  10. Yes if they are Kosher or Halal they will not have pork gelatin. I've just never been able to find any like that.
    How did you like the marshmallows from Whole Foods??
  11. You may be able to buy marshmallows at a middle eastern store, I see lots here.
    It's actually difficult to even find beef gelatin as an ingredient to make your own marshmallows, I haven't located any yet.
    I'm not sure if the supplement form will work, but if it does I still can't find it in health stores.

    The supplements are usually good for bones.
  12. ^^ I have those too, they use a fish or something...... I don't eat anything meat related with the exception of a little fish so they're okay for me : ) and they tasted right...
  13. I actually like the kosher marshmallows better. They do taste a little different than the typical marshmallow, but I actually think it tastes less artificial. They also get stale faster (no preservatives), but I like them a lot!
  14. What about organic marshmallows from a place like Whole Foods?

    I knew about gelatin. I used to work in a movie theatre at the concession stand. One day a customer asked to see the Swedish fish. I gave her the box and she started looking at the ingredients.

    She was a vegan and didn't want the fish if they contained gelatin, which was made from horse's hooves.