Looking for Marino Orlandi

  1. :sad: Hi..Maybe some nice purse lover could be of help. I have been looking for an online retailer or any other retailer to purchase Marino Orlandi handbags. If anyone has any hints...please let me know! Thanks..J9
  2. HI - I just joined. Someone sent me your question and since I am an old hand at Marino Orlandi they thought I might be able to help you. TJMax and Marshalls to my knowlege are the only stores in the US that sell them new.:rolleyes: I can give you more info too on this - I am new so am not sure what I can say and can't say.
  3. I sent the question to Oceans. She knows alot about MO's. She is the one that started my addiction and collecting them.
  4. You can also find them on e-bay. My mom is a fan. We have bought her some from TJ Maxx, Marshalls and e-bay.
  5. I am new to this forum and was searching thru posts re marino orlandi. I wonder if you ever rec'd any other info about distribution of these awesome bags. I was just on thier website, it looks as though they may have helpfull info there--I think you can order a catalouge. There is a seller on e-bay that has or seemingly has a distributorship--the seller has over 50 bags listed and talks about when she receives them from the factory. Don't know if you even care after a year of looking---if you are still on this forum could you let me know if you did get info on how elese to purchase these awesome bags. I have purchased from TJ Maxx and eBay. Sue