Looking for Marc Jacobs

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  1. Has anyone seen this Marc Jacobs bag for sale. I have alreay tried ebay and was burned badly. Just missed it at Net-a-porter. Would appreciate any info.


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  2. Hey-Thats an old MJ bag-the only way to find it is thru re-sale.....
    PS-I almost bought it..its REALLY heavy...and hand carry only....didnt like in person...
  3. Saks in San Francisco still has some bags from that line in the store. I can't remember if they have that particular tote (it's from last spring, I believe) but you may want to give them a call. Number is 415-986-4300.
  4. Thanks for the info-I called them and they do have it, but probably because it is still full price :sad2:. I know it went on sale at net-a-porter and at NM so I can't bring myself to pay full price when I could have saved 700 bucks.
  5. Have you tried locating it through Neiman's? I remember seeing them about a month or so ago, still available. You may have some luck with it, or try call the Marc Jacobs stores.
  6. Really :idea: in what state?
  7. JJ- Try Saks in Bala Cynwyd,PA-ask for Donna at ext 258.(1-610-667-1550)
    They have a ton of leftover MJ bags.
  8. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ordered the last one-can you believe it and saved an extra 100 bucks to boot. It was meant to be. :amuse::P
  9. I had that bag, I didn't find it heavy at all. I love that bag, sold on eBay.
  10. So you didn't think it was heavy at all? Was it hard to carry? Why did you sell it?
  11. I didn't think it was heavy at all. They leather was so soft. I should have kept it!! I found it at Neiman's for a really great price, so I sold it. Now, I'm kicking myself because this bag is great all year, and a classic style, but with interesting hardware.
  12. I wish I had known-I would have bought it from you in a heartbeat!!!!!! I missed it at NM and looked everywhere for it. The NM LAst Call and Saks hadn't even seen it yet.
  13. Thanks (I would have saved you $ :smile: ) It is such a great bag, I'm not sure there would be very many showing up at Last Call. There has been an ivory one on eBay recently.