Looking for Marc Jacobs large satchel S06

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping that someone can tell me where (other than MJ boutique) I can find the MJ "large satchel" from his Spring 06 collection. I just saw someone wearing it and I love it! This bag is gorgeous and comes in eggshel, black and nutmeg. I looked at neiman's, Saks online but they only have this season's bags. I also checked ebay. You can find a picture on his website. thanks ;)

    Marc Jacobs . com#
  2. Are you referring to the Large Mia Satchel? This bag is no longer in stores, most likely you'll find it on ebay, but beware, I believe there are fakes of these too.
    Large Mia Satchel copy.jpg
  3. Yes, this is the bag that I'm looking for. I saw a girl with it today in the drug store-it's stunning! Do you have any suggestions for another location where else I can get it? Also, thanks for the heads up re: the ebay fakes.
  4. Maybe the Nordstrom Racks, Off 5th, or Last Call locations... or, you can call the MJ boutiques, sometimes they still have out of season bags in stock because they never have sales. A SA can do a central search to see if any of the other boutiques still have any in stock too.
  5. MIA line is coming back for Spring 2007 (in stores beginning of 2007).
    Polina and Satchel (from Spring 06's MIA line), will be back with 2 newly introduced styles (Bowler & N/S Tote). The following is from Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 Look Book:

    * MIA *
    16 x 14 x 4"
    Colors: Black, White, Brown

    14 x 10 x 6
    Colors: Black, Natural

    15 x 9.5 x 6"
    Colors: Black, White, Brown

    N/S TOTE
    12.5 x 13 x 3.5
    Colors: Black, Natural, Brown
  6. I saw that exact bag in Bloomingdales in Bridgewater, NJ. You might want to check other Bloomies to see if they have it too.
  7. NeimanMarcus & Nordstrom online still have MIA Satchel (smaller than Large Satchel). Bloomingdale's Fashion Island also have 2 of these left.
    Marc Jacobs -  Mia Leather Satchel -  Neiman Marcus

    * SPRING 2006's MIA line *
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg, Green Apple

    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg,

    16.5 x 7 x 13"
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg,

    14 x 6 x 10.5"
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg,

    13.5 x 7 x 6.5"
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg, Green Apple, Cobalt

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  9. Couldn't find the bag on the MJ website - only listed resort 06. x We put designer bags on sale at the end of May - an older one like this could go 40% in a couple of weeks. x
  10. Does anyone own this bag? I'm curious to know if its heavy? Been seeing a few on Ebay of late. :wondering
  11. I heard these were heavy... a while back a member bought one and complained that it was too heavy, and that the hooks would pull on her hair when worn on the shoulder.
  12. ^ Thanks for sharing thithi. Guess it's a no go for this one then. :P