Looking for Mandarin epi?

  1. Just wanted to tell everybody the Dallas Galleria has a few mandarin epi pieces left if anybody is searching for some. I almost got the honfleur. It's such a cute clutch bag. Anyway, they had about 8 pieces total including one agenda. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post their phone number on this forum. I gottta say the mandarin is soooo pretty. I wonder why they're discontinuing it. :shrugs:
  2. I also like the Mandarine color. I wanted a Speedy, but kept dragging my feet and never got one!
  3. Do you know if they had a speedy or soufflot in the mandarin?
  4. speedy in mandarin hot
  5. There are also a few mandarin pieces at my local LV. I'm pretty sure there was no speedy, though there was a pochette, a soufflot and a noe I think ;)
    I'd love a speedy too!
  6. Mandarin Speedy :love:

    My love of this bag was too late and I missed it. :crybaby:
  7. Valley Fair had quite a few too, sorry no speedy.
  8. Thanks for the update, and yes, mandarin is lovely.
  9. Nope, I would have gotten one if they did. I would have loved a mandarin noe, but none of those either. :sad: Mostly small items, except they did have a mandara.
  10. I called 866-vuitton yesterday and asked if they can locate a speedy 30 and a petit noe in mandarin. They found both. I ended up buying the speedy. I had it shipped with overnight shipping, and I missed the Fedex truck today :crybaby: Do you guys like the speedy or the noe. I was so confused to which one. Please give your advice. Thanks.
  11. Speedy!!!!:yes:
  12. Ooooh! A Soufflot?!? ackkk! Curse this purse ban!
  13. There's no more mandarin speedies, sooufflots or noes where I am :~~~~(
  14. My mandarin speedy arrived, but its damaged. I was so sad:crybaby: I can't believe they didn't notice the damage before they shipped it out. There's a 1" pen mark, and the leather piping is torn in 3 places where the mandarin color is peeled off. 866-vuitton located another one, but the store said it was damaged. I then got a call back saying they located another one, and it's being shipped to my local LV store for inspection. I can then make the trade. I hope that ones in nice shape. The bummer is I payed for over night shipping, and the replacement bag was sent ground. They said I might have it by Wednesday. Does the piping on the epi's tear easily? I swear my luck hasn't been great lately.
  15. i love that color!