Looking for MAM in night blue or ocean blue ANYONE??

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  1. Looking for the MAM in night blue or ocean blue on sale or with a good code!
  2. Lunaboston.com? Grechen for 20%. I don't know of any better codes than that for the Ocean color. And isn't the Night black? Or is there another Night color. HTH!
  3. The only place that I've seen the MAM in night blue is museten.com. But it's not on sale and no codes - although, you never know, one might come up. They just got in a new stock of RM bags and so maybe they'll put the older ones on sale sometime??? Lunaboston.com has the ocean MAM (with gold crackle bottom) and you can use 'grechen' for 20% off. They also have the night blue, but in the regular size, not the Mini. HTH.
  4. Nana has a point that I overlooked. Did you mean the Night (black) color that comes with and without the gold crackle bottom? Or the Nightblue color (dark indigo, purpley blue)? If you meant Nightblue, that's the one at museten I mentioned in my previous post. If you meant the night (black) color then lunaboston has the MAM without gold crackle bottom and bagtrends.com has it WITH the gold bottom. Bagtrends has a 10% off code (shefinds08).
  5. THanks, but I'm really looking for the Spring one in Night Blue (purplish deep blue) with the gold studs in the mini! Can't find it! UGH
  6. I believe there is one on ebay right now.
  7. I got my night blue MAM on Luna Boston in February...20% with grechen.

    It looks like now they only have the bigger one, I guess it sold out.
  8. I think the only ocean blue they have is the ocean with gold crackle...

    i've seen night blue pop up on the ebay time to time... so keep checking there... especially with the new colors coming out, i think more pple may sell some of the old to get new...
  9. OT but KIKIwoo do you have pics of your berry matinee somewhere? I'd love to see ;)
  10. Yeah, the only place I've seen it on-line for some time is museten (http://www.museten.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=0&idproduct=589). No discounts codes for that site, however - not right now anyway.
  11. is that a reputable site? Has anyone ordered from there?? Thanks
  12. Yes, they're a reputable site. I haven't ordered from there personally, but if you do a search, you'll find many very positive comments from other tPF ladies who have been very happy with them.