looking for magenta coin... if anyone's seen one in a store, where please?

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  1. Hi! I am searching for a magenta coin RH and can't find one anywhere. I decided to buy one today and now that I can't find it, I'm obsessed.
    If you've seen one somewhere, please let me know!
  2. Hi Sophie,
    Please check the shopping forum as there are gals there on the lookout!:tup:
  3. is there a way to move my message, or should I just re-type it?
  4. I bet it will be moved to the shopping section by tonight if she's not swamped. No worries. :smile:
  5. thanks. it was already moved - i thought it was magic!
  6. :wacko:Wait a minute...I may have just had a major blond moment! This is the shopping section. It's either already been moved, or I'm an idiot and was browsing in the shopping area without knowing it and you posted in the right place to begin with! LOL:noggin:
  7. ^^^Oh...good...I thought I was losing it! I dyed my hair brown to discourage this type of behavior. Was so disappointed it wasn't working! :smile:
  8. too funny. well, i'm a brunette but my husband always tells me my blonde roots are showing when I (often) say or do something crazy!