Looking for Madison Magazine Tote...

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  1. If you see one, please PM me...I'd appreciate the help very much!!
  2. These are as hard to find as kiras!! Lol!!! Ive seen 2 at the outlets in the last 3 months.
  3. I'm starting to see that...I just don't want to give up just yet...

    Leave it to me to want yet another hard to find bag...gotta love missing out :shrugs:
  4. What color are you looking for? I see lots of lavendar and black leather on ebay and theres a lavendar at a great price on bonanzle.
  5. I just popped for on on eBay...about $100 more than I would have paid for the outlet...but I only saw 3 in black--which was my ideal color.

    1 was auction...so if it's really as in demand as you say, that could have gone sky high tomorrow before close. I was tempted, but got scared.

    1 was BIN or BO...I BO'd back and forth and ended up between the starting price of auction one, and the other BIN one.

    Overall, I wouldn't say it was deal or steal by any means but it was fair for a bag that is hard to find. Ehh...lets just hope it turns out to be a great carry on. I just don't have the patience for this hunting.
  6. I just wanted to touch back and let you know after speaking with the seller, he did a price adjustment for me ... taking $20.00 off the agree upon price.

    So, I just want to say...there are some genuinely kind people out there in this world. People who do things they don't have to, and people who go above and beyond for practical strangers. I was blessed to meet one of those people today, and I cannot begin to express my joy over this.

    I cannot wait to get the bag...but the experience alone was enough to make me glow!! Sometimes you just get soooo lucky!