Looking for madison embossed exotic maggie or carryall in bone color

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I haven't bought any coach bag for the last 3 months. But whenever I read your post or see your revealed pictures, i just want to go to outlets right away. Coach needs to say thank you to all of you who has increased their sales:smile:
    Since I haven't updated recently and now I really want to buy embossed maggie or carryall in bone color but haven't seen those in coach website. Have those come to outlets yet? Is there any change I can find it in outlet or it's long gone?

    Thank you,
  2. I saw 3 of the Maggies at my outlet yesterday!
  3. outlet!!!

    Bone Carryall + Maggie showed up @ outlet 2 months ago. Some outlet still have it.
    Gray Carryall + Maggie are starting to show up@ the outlet this week.
    and also Black Maggie @ the outlet.

    I saw Gray and Black yesterday.

    and also all the matching accessaries!
  4. Gray is out the outlet?! I will have to call
  5. Did you see any in bone color?
  6. Just scored the bone/silver this past weekend. It's $598 - 30% then IF there is a coupon you get another 20% off. Mine HAD to have been a return...no dustbag...no price tag attatched and NO nickle hangtag or jewel charm. Minne only had the luggage tag looking thing. Glad I lolly-gagged about it til' they gave me an addt'l 20% OFF!!

    Keep your eye's open and your outlets on speed dial!!!! LOVE MINE!!!

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  7. Saw 1 bone/grey carryall today....$598 -30% but no coupon.
  8. I saw both in bone at the Lebanon, TN outlet last Saturday. I'll be going to the Sevierville, TN outlet tomorrow and will let you know. :smile:
  9. I have a question. Is there a bone carryall AND a gray carryall created by Coach? I remember seeing a gray one online when I ordered my black one. Are they the same bag or different?

  10. yup!! two different color.
    Gray ones are showing up @ the outlet just now.
    Bone ones were there for past 1-2 months.

    Bone has more to the pinkish tone to it.
    Gray has more dark tone.

    But there is no Bone Croc Audrey.
    I think Croc Audrey only came out with Gray & Purple.
  11. Thanks! Gotta love Croc!
  12. Thanks eveyone, I doubt that I can see the different between gray croc and bone croc. However, both are beautiful.
  13. It looks awesome. That's great they gave you 20% additional discount.
  14. Thanks Pursedove. I will go to my outlet this weekend to see if I have any luck.
  15. If anyone is from the San Diego area, at my outlet I saw several bone and gray croc maggies and carryalls, as well as one purple croc Audrey!