Looking for luxe Bowler. are they still available?

  1. Hey guys,

    Do you think the luxe bowler is still available? I'm desperately looking for one.

    Many thanks!
  2. What color are you looking for? I've only seen the red lux bowler in stores lately. The pink/salmon color went on sale recently and I'm not sure if there are any left. I think all the other colors...black, metallic black, gold, sold out very quickly. I've seen a few on eBay, but I would ask in the authenticity section before buying from eBay.
  3. oh no, :sad: I was hoping to get either black or blue.. and i haven't found any on eBay yet..
  4. I think NM San Antonio may have them in the black and blue patent. Call Stephanie, 210 558-8000, ask for Chanel handbags. I just had her hold some earrings and a ring for me, so I know she is in.
  5. ^^I forgot about the patents. There are probably some patents still in stores. Good luck!
  6. I saw one dark blue a few days / weeks? ago from ebay..
  7. How about the silver? Or the Pink?
  8. I spoke with a rep @ Nordstroms in Canoga PArk CA today, she said they have one, I believe it is black- ask for Lori...
  9. oh, the thing is I live all the way in Brunei. Do you think the SAs would be willing to mail it to me here?

    Are the metallic ones completely sold out? And i spoke to a SA in Sydney, they said that it only comes in one size? This was the patent. I thought that the luxe bowlers came in 3 sizes?

    Thanks guys!
  10. :drool: Are there any silver left?