Looking for Louis Vuitton Beach Bag

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  1. Hi you guys,
    I am looking for a louis Vuitton beach bag. Does LV have something like that?
  2. The only one I know is from 2002 (I think) and it was named the Epi Plage.
  3. My Neverfull works great as a beach bag :biggrin:
  4. there are a few that can be used as beach bag

    the scuba, trunk cabas
  5. Cannot find pictures in the www
  6. and the tahitienne tote
  7. this is the scuba

  8. can the scuba used by man
  9. No, the scuba bags were large, bright orange or pink Neoprene bags. Definitely not suited for a man.
  10. ^agree :sad:
  11. cabas ipanema was a great one too from last year
  12. I agree with the above poster - a neverfull would make an awesome beach bag! I plan to get an azur gm before my Vegas trip in April for just that purpose! A damier ebene would look great on a guy!
  13. Ditto. In the GM size...
  14. I use the neverfull.. Don't think I will use the thatienne as a beach bag... For a boat trip, yes, on the beach.. No