Looking for Louboutin Nude Very Prive

  1. I had the chance when they first came out but of course I waited and waited.

    Now I can't find them. Anyone see them available other than eBay? I refuse to pay over retail even if they are sold out.

    I saw on BG they are avaiable in the slingback but I like the pump better.
  2. Me too!! ^^^ Yup, you can get them on eBay for $900.

    I just resist paying over retail, even if they are sold out.
  3. they are so gorgeous tho! think they are next on my louboutin wish list, they just look so damn sexy!

  4. I tried them on at a local boutique (in 38.5 and I literally walked out of them, LOL!!). They are so HOT!!!!!!
  5. I've been able to track down the black leather. But so far no Nude.
  6. What size are you, there are TONS on eBay!!

  7. I'm a 38.5 or 39. But I refuse to buy on ebay unless they are retail price or under.

    I found some nude slingbacks but I don't like them as much.
  8. Ahh, I see.

    Yeah, all the retailers sold out ages ago. Before Christmas I think. But you might find some that get returned??

  9. Barney's had a shipment of them back in October. They were all nude patent, including the covered platform. It can't hurt to check with them because they sometimes restock certain CL styles.

    I had a chance to look through the spring/summer lookbook and one of the boutiques, but I do not recall seeing the nude patent very prive in there.

    You could always special order them from one of the boutiques, but there is a 20% mark-up and you have to wait several months.