looking for leather mike & chris (or other brand) bomber..any deals? online or in NYC

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  1. Also, how is the sizing and feel of the leather? I've never seen any of the Mike & Chris ones in real life.
  2. Their leather jackets feel amazingly soft! The one I have seems to fit a little smaller than usual.. its a Small however it feels like an XS. Check the recent threads on this forum and they have deals for websites like 20-25% off and I have noticed most of them sell Mike & Chris leather jackets.
  3. ^^^I second everything she said. The leather is unbelievably buttery and luscious. As for the sizing, Mike & Chris generally runs a size small. I generally wear a medium size but I'm a size large in M&C. For leathers, I think it depends on the cut of the jacket. One of my M&C leather jackets is a medium, but the sleeves of the style (Clark) seem to be longer than usual. My other M&C leather jacket (Dylan) is a large. My leather hoodie is also a large.

    I seem to remember seeing a post in Deals & Steals about a website selling M&C leather jackets for about 30% off. Maybe it's on page 2?
  4. blueheavenboutique.com has a good selection. and use the code toutie for 20% off
  5. Mike & Chris is FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Rarechic carries it.