LOOKING for Larger Baby Cabas with Braided Chain and Classic Flap with Bijoux Chain

  1. Hi everyone, looking to make my first couple of chanel purchases... but I can't find these two bags:

    Black (larger) baby cabas with braided chain (style#A33988 Y04154)

    Black (lambskin) classic (med/lrg) flap with Bijoux chain (new chain).

    I just went to SCP Chanel and bloomingdales and none had any in stock (the SAs did not know much information on them either).

    Anyone know where I can still find them? TIA!! :smile:
  2. i think the black lamb with new chain is coming in for s/s 08 again, but as far as the cabas i think only the smaller one is floating around.
  3. s/s 2008? i hope it's true! i thought i the bijoux chain was discontinued....

    anyone have the style# so I can search for the medium lambskin flap (bijoux chain)... or the style# for a caviar jumbo flap (bijoux chain)? TIA!!!