Looking for large Mulberry tote

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  1. I've been off Mulberry for a while now after having collected many in the past. Now I love and use all of them frequently, but I'm about to start a new job that requires me to carry lots of A4 sized stuff as well as books and other business-related material to work every day. Most of my Mulberry bags are smaller (Ledbury, Antony, Lily etc.). I own a chocolate Bays, but one of the handles broke and it is currently being repaired. Hence I'm looking for another Mulberry bag to take to work. I already own a large Mitzy hobo that I currently use, but it's not that great for organizing my things, and it isn't very professional looking either. I'm looking for a black, sturdy, large enough tote-like bag by Mulberry, preferably in NVT leather (very reliable). My eye has been drawn towards the Roxanne A4-tote (hard to find nowadays), the Calder (very large?), and apart from that I'm a bit stuck. Does anyone own a Calder? How does it compare to the Bays? Naughtipidgin has one right now that I love, but I'm afraid it is way too large (I've never seen one IRL). I've also been looking into briefcases, but I'm not sure that I like those enough. Any other suggestions? My budget is about 500 euros at the moment, so I'm trying to go the pre-loved route. Any help would be welcome!
  2. I can recommend the Romilly (Roxanne's big sister), if you search for the name in the forums you will find info and pictures. It's no longer made, but it appears on Ebay from time to time.
    The bag is heavy, but that's the price to pay for the gorgeous Darwin leather :smile:

    Btw, the Brynmore could also be an alternative if you would like a messenger bag.

    Happy hunting for the perfect work bag, hope you let us know when you find it :smile:
  3. My first thought was a Roxanne Tote in NVT, but not easy to find anymore and pretty heavy when full of books I'd imagine.
  4. What about an Elgin?
  5. I can highly recommend the bays tote. I have one in black and its a great size for work, it holds loads and looks smart.
  6. Roxanne A4 tote all the way! Looks fab and will do the job.
  7. bays tote in black would be easier to wear on shoulder than normal bays, look fab and go well with choc bays for a nice set of professional work bags.

    Or you could get a large black longchamp (the le pliage or the all black le planetes) and save some bucks. hehehe
  8. Babington tote. About same size as bayswater?
  9. I have a black Roxanne Tote which I have used for work (3 days a week) for about the last 4 years. It just gets better and better and is a tardis. Holds purse, make-up bag, A4 files plus trainers, whistle and more. Has been kicked around the classroom and dumped in stockcupboards and the leather wears beautifully - not sure what it is but it's the same as my Ledbury, not smooth. Also totally weatherproof. Can't recommend it highly enough as a workhorse. Have noticed a few on Ebay recently so worth a look.
  10. Mulberry bayswater tote is in natural leather....

    Currently on Selfridges for £795

    Elgin does come in darwin.....

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  11. Roxanne Tote is NVT. Also, don't find it heavy at all - probably because there isn't a great deal of brass.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! None of you own or have seen a Calder IRL?
    I like Elgin quite a lot :yes: I think I'll try and find either a black Roxanne A4 tote, Elgin, or Bays tote. Let me know if any of these pops up at a reseller/pre-loved site!
  13. Will keep a look out :smile:
  14. I believe naughtipidgin currently has a black Calder for sale...
  15. I have an oak calder, lovely but very big, really big, its currently used for my vintage silk scarves......have no idea why?