Looking for Large Dark Brown Cloudy Bundle Tote

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Large Dark Brown Cloudy Bundle Tote, I think the actual name of the color is "Beige". Have anyone seen it recently anywhere?

    I'm staying in Singapore and its quite costly to start making international calls to find this bag. So I would like to tap on the help of PFers so that I only need to call shops/boutiques/NM/Saks that have this bag.

    Thanks in advance to everyone!:heart:
  2. You looking for the N/S version? I am going to call the Saks SA tomorrow to see if I can track down one in black so I can ask for the dark brown/beige - just let me know which version?
  3. I tried on a beige one today - light color, not at all brown, like a beigish gold - it was GORGEOUS!
    He also had a yummy black one:heart:
  4. It feels great right? The bag's so soft, almost like a pillow. But a freind who also saw it say it looks like a diaper bag:oh:
  5. It does NOT! Maybe this one was smaller {?}
    It was a good size, but definitely not big like a diaper bag! LOL!
    It was dreamy!!!
  6. Well if its $2195, then its the smaller one. The big one is $2295.
  7. hmmm. . . may have been the smaller one. It wasn't 'small' IMO though, but I didn't see the 2 sizes at the same time.
    Gorgeous bags!:yes: