Looking for L'Amore Gioco

  1. I saw someone with the L'Amore print today and I :heart: it!! This just might be the print I would like for a Tokidoki bag.
    Can someone tell me where I can find the Gioco bag in L'Amore print? TIA!!
  2. where are u from? i returned 5 amore giocos to valley fair's macys....but there's some going cheap on eBay too!
  3. I'm from NYC -wasn't sure if lesportsac has it...too late to check. Can you pm me the number to valley fair's macys? Mind if I ask when you returned it?

    I'm dying to get one!! Been waiting for a print and I really like L'Amore. Thanks!!
  4. 408-248-3333

    and i returned them on the 17th of may =) so hopefully they should still be there! i hope ur able to get ur amore gioco! i am in love with mine!
  5. Thanks!! I will give them a call tomorrow!!
  6. macy's should have them if you check around. they were available online but not anymore. i think century 21 carries tokidoki too? and you should call lindsey at the south hampton outlet