Looking for LAMB??

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  1. Off 5th in Orange had a few of the following:

    Cheetah: Mandeville, Morant, Cyprus, Montego Bowlers
    Lipstick Saddle: Westfield Totes (2)
    Rasta: Nearly everything
    Kensington Sutton and Halloway Satchel in Brown (2-3)
    Venezia in Frosted Silver

    Also if interested, they have a lot of MJ bags: seventies satchels/hobo/etc, Sofi, and another tote (didn't recognize it).
  2. One more thing: Who wanted the Silver Carlisle? I have one on hold - let me know and I'll PM you the "name" I held it under.:graucho:
  3. Yvonne do you know how much the westfields were?
  4. ^ Sorry, I didn't look at the price on this one. I think it was about the same as the oxford.
  5. LOOKIE at what I found tonight! Original Saddle Mandeville - $191 pre-tax :yahoo:
    (please ignore the mess on the table!)

  7. I know! I put it on hold on Monday night, and called again last night to "rehold" until today. :nuts:
  8. :drool: that original saddle mandeville is HAWT!! Congratssss yvonne!!
    do off 5th do a store locator?? i kinda want one now.. whoaaaah.. ladies if you see another one @ NR or Off 5th, could you please put it on hold & pm me? TIA!
  9. It was surlygirl!!! PM her!
  10. ^ Just did!

    Also, the Cheetah Wallet is still on hold if anyone wants it.
  11. Please if anyone sees a Bullseye Alston, let me know! Thanks!
  12. ^ Sure thing...but there may be a stampede for that one! :choochoo:
  13. No duh, right?! I don't know why the hell that Alston is so elusive. Damn LAMB. :lol:

  14. I am interested in the cheetah wallet if it is still available. Can you PM the info??? What is the price on it??:tup: