Looking for LAMB??

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  1. haha :upsidedown: me 4
  2. Has anyone seen any lucerne anywhere? I'm sure they are sparse, but if anyone sees a saxon tote or the zip around wallet please, please, please PM me :supacool:
  3. Hey has anyone seen LS mandy anywhere?? If so please let me know thanks!
  4. Ok, I'm trying to look back and find if someone is looking for a saddle alston, but I can't find it! Sorry if I'm being lazy and not looking well enough...but if you are looking for a saddle alston PM me!
  5. I am so obssessed with LAMB now. This forum has so much enablers. :yes: Looking for a Cheetah or Rasta Morant.
  6. I saw both of these bags yesterday......I will attempt to PM you (I've never done that before!!!)

  7. tuna lala,
    welcome to the club lady.. and you got that right.. it's such an obsession, addiction, whatever you want to call it.. and i agree, we are all enablers.. lol..
  8. Did anyone here get that saddle alston? It's already gone!
  9. wondering the same thing here.. hopefully a lambie got it.. :yes:
  10. sheesh.. i missed out on the alston! that's what i get for taking a day off from this forum.
  11. I know! :crybaby:
  12. do they carry the oxford in WL? If so where???
  13. ^ since WL is not on sale yet. You should try the Nordstrom's online help. Give them the item # for another Oxford and see if they carry in WL.
  14. You know, I've seen pictures of the WL Oxford from the fashion show but I've never actually seen anyone who carries it. I wondered did it make production as well?
  15. Knasarae, that is the same thing i have been thinking... I am totally in love with my Cheetah one and want another WL was my second choice after shadow... But it seems that they are so rare... I really do love that Style...