Looking for LAMB??

  1. LOL That bad, huh? I hate when that happens! :nogood:

  2. not very helpful...she first told me she had to call me back in 15 minutes because i 'interupted her meeting' and then she never called me back. so i waited one hour, called her back and she never got any of the info...so she was all short with me, and told me they didn't have have the stuff she said they had before...ugh!:yucky:
  3. What a beyotch. Well, hopefully the next SA you talk to won't be such a butthole. :rolleyes:
  4. I'm looking for a Shadow Carlisle ON SALE (lol I know I won't be getting any PMs for that. I'm just jonesing for my next LAMB fix :p)
  5. yvonne,
    got my LS mandeville!! it's on its way.. thank you so much! :flowers:
  6. ohkay...i guess now im after a cheetah billfold small wallet...my off of Saks had one but that lady told me it was broken...
  7. the lady in the Cincinnati Off 5th isn't any better! She answered "no, no, no" to all my questions! What a total beach!!! :hysteric:
  8. so I got back from off 5th just a little while ago and sent a couple pm's. Now I'm wondering if I should post what else I found there? I don't want to have missed someone and then end up listing their bag! What do you all think? yay? nay? oh I'm confused...maybe you can just pm and I'll send you the pics I took.
  9. PM me the pics please. :smile:
  10. I don't understand that either I know they get busy but it is part of their job:nogood:
  11. This is where i got my cheetah mandeville about a month ago.. the lady that helped me with transaction was very nice.. her name is DeAna.. she was willing to help me and answer all my questions.. and she sent me a purrrfecttt cheetah mandeville.. :biggrin:
  12. ^^ Yeah I think it depends on the SA's. The ones I've dealt with (mostly in the store) were nice...but one time I called, when I first heard they were getting LAMB bags. The SA was very excited when she told me they'd gotten a huge shipment and that I should come ASAP. That was the day I took all those delicious pictures! :drool:
  13. I am so glad to hear you had a pleasant experience. I may just have to try and call again tomorrow (maybe I will get a nicer SA). :yes:

    Congrats on the Lipstick Mande!
  14. :yahoo: YAY!!! there's one more sitting there all lonely if someone wants to give her a good home. :p
  15. I am looking for a cheetah oxford.