Looking for LAMB??

  1. If so, then post what you're lusting after here!

    I know that many of us LAMBies are looking for our Holy Grail, Hard to Find item, or just a darn good deal with all the recent sales. BUT, due to some unscrupulous individuals (real-life snipers!), it's better for us to send these finds via PM.

    The LAMB thread has become SO huge, I can't find what people were looking for, so I figured it would be better to post ONLY what your searching for here! Then, LAMB Ladies (and Gents), when you see a coveted bag in store, please put it on hold then PM the member that wants it.:wlae:

    Hopefully this thread will allow us to share our finds, and 'save' those htf items for PM so that the nasties out there won't "steal" our bags on hold anymore :jrs:
  2. good idea yvonne!! :tup::tup:

    i'm looking for a mandeville.. color preferences: silver saddle, lipstick saddle, and rasta.. i'm also looking to get my first oxford bag.. i love some cheetah print or lipstick saddle.. if you ladies find them on sale, specially NR price, PM me please.. TIA!! :biggrin:
  3. I'm looking for a lipstick or saddle exeter
  4. I am in desperate search for a saddle exeter! It is my absolute dream lamb! :heart::heart::heart: The lipstick would be a close second choice though!
  5. Alston in Silver.

    Mandeville in Cheetah or Silver.

    Oxford in Cheetah. Prefer the NR price- Thanks
  6. I am on the hunt for the Frosted Love Aviano Satchel in anthracite for a good deal. I've seen them on eBay for around $390, but maybe there is a better price out there?
  7. Im looking for the white love capri which I will never find, an eton in saddle or lipstick, and thank you yvalenz I think I found my other bag, which if I get I will post pics of :smile:
  8. I know most of you are looking for the NR price. But Off 5th just posted another 30% coupon for this week which would bring most bags to the NR price range. Just a thought.
  9. I'm looking for a Bullseye Exeter. And Shadow Marley Hill (only if it's on sale, lol)
  10. Yeah, I just saw that coupon. Thanks for reminding me.

    Do you think Off 5th would have the the Frosted Love Aviano Satchel in anthracite? I suppose I could call?

    I would hate to drive all the way down to Boston and not find any L.A.M.B

  11. im lookig for a checkbook size cheetah wallet (the long one) and a saddle or lipstick exeter...
  12. I'd call first. But be very specific in your description. The SA's I've talked to at Off 5th and NR aren't very knowlegeable. When I ordered my Silver Mandeville she almost sent me the Love Capri in Anthracite!
  13. I've noticed that it is really helpful if you describe it with a price. Off 5th prices their lambs at about 30% off retail, so for instance the mandeville which is normally $425 is $279.99 there
  14. Thank you. This is great information.
  15. Ooh great idea! I am searching for:

    - Silver Alston or Bullseye Alston (if it even exist)