Looking for LAMB Cheetah Wallet!!!


Sep 28, 2008
I just wanted to say I just joined this little hand bag forum for girls who especially lLOVE lamb and the gal that gave me the tip THANK YOU!!! Seriously, I have been looking for almost 2 months!
This is fun and my friends LIKE bags but nobody LOVES them like me. So this is fun for me.
Just started with LAMB have a bit of Vuitton collection, and Marc Jacobs but I am grooving on the LAMB...
My second bag and wallet thanks to you!
P.S I have the Cheetah Clutch (and soon to be little wallet) I have never done small wallet but I am a matchy match girl and I need the matching wallet to this adorable clutch!!!!! I also have
the Esquivel grey and silver/white with the larger wallet)
I think I am geek still at this but I will get better at the lingo here.
Anyone have the Ashton?? I was looking at that in the checkerboard.
Regards Chickas
May 29, 2008
I'm happy I could help! :smile: What a happy ending!

I have the same wallet that you've just gotten, but mine is rasta and I love it! I was worried about the size at first but it really holds a lot!

You'll have to post a picture of your LAMB family when the wallet arrives!


Jun 14, 2007
:woohoo: WOOHOO!!!

YAY - Glad you found one. These are harder and harder to find....
Glad to have you here. Where in CA are you at? Several of us are from SoCal area! :yes:

Oh, you'll find many LAMB/MJ lovers here, Myself included!


Sep 28, 2008
I am from Folsom California!! Little Miss centrally located ha(Sacramento) Well it is the suburbs that is for sure but we can cruise to Tahoe in a hour and half and S.F and Napa(you get the picture) so that is nice. I feel like I am living Coach land all the moms around here carry them a couple Louis's but so far I have yet to see any Lambie's....... My Ebay ends in a couple of days and I will have a wallet! I also love all these cute Harajuku henley's out have bought two and a cute LAMB henley.. I am checking out the checkerboard next, Can't decide on what style yet..:girlsigh: