Looking for Kooba Natasha

  1. New to Kooba but saw a girl with this Kooba and fell in love instantly. Came home researched and found out the name. Looking for Natasha in Ink and on sale. Is it possible?
  2. You might be able to pick up one on eBay, but be careful. There have been fake ink Parkers and Natashas. Once all the Fall bags have debuted next month, you may see some sales on the ink Natashas. Also, possibly because of the sample sales in NY and tomorrow in CA, there may be some showing up on eBay. Be sure to post the auction listings here in the "Authenticate this Kooba" thread so the girls can check them out for you first. ;)
  3. i buy a lot of kooba from michaelkleinhandbags.com....if you go to the website you can get the phone number and call them...they carry kooba, treesje, francisco biasia...they can order any kooba bag for you that you want and there is a discount as well...hope this helps! (no, i don't work for them, i just buy a TON of kooba from them!!)
  4. Thanks for the tip. Went to check it out. OMG did you see that gorgeous black Lucy?
  5. Nice!
  6. Very nice. But what are the prices? I couldn't find any listed.
  7. hi lexie! what i do when i want a kooba is to call and speak with michael...he will let you know how much the bag will be...if they don't have one in stock they get it for you VERY quickly...if you PM me, i can give you my name as a contact...they know me really well...
    : ) (much to DH's dismay!)
  8. How are their prices? Are they typically well below retail with the discount?

    Thanks! :smile:
  9. Giving a friendly bump to this thread as I am also looking for a Natasha in Ink. They are still available on the Kooba site, but still full price. Of course, I would prefer to get a bit of a discount on the bag. I need her in my life right now! Any ideas?
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone. Has anyone ever gone to the sample sale in NY? Just wondering if the Natasha might be there or if they only carry older styles.