Looking for Kooba Marcelle

  1. I am desperately looking for the Marcelle bag in Cognac . I think it was from last year. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find a NEW one. Thanks
  2. One will come up. They're kind of hard to find, but a few have passed around here lately.....might take a bit of patience, but never fear....:heart:
  3. Just keep looking. There were two last week, one fake, one real. I bought the real one as I too had been looking forever. Another will pop up.
  4. The Marcelle was from late 2004 or maybe Early 05. They are a little scarce but they do come up every so often. Be careful though because Fake Marcelle's abound. It's probably more hopeful to find a gently used one than new.
  5. Cognac Marcelles do come up, it's just a matter of being patient and pounce on it when it appears.
  6. I waited awhile for mine; you will have to be very patient and double/triple check for authenticity. But it is very worth the search and the wait - good luck!
  7. Thanks for everyone's kind and optimistic words:flowers:
  8. Jchiara posted awhile back that there are some new ones on Traquility Alley, but they are full price..

    Thats right isnt it Jchiara..?
  9. Stay away from TA!!!!! Not a good idea based on experiences of others on this forum.
  10. You were having a laugh, Halz, weren't you?
  11. I've seen these at Off 5th. Unfortunately not real recently but seems like it wasn't that long ago. When they get Koobas they seem to get bunches of the same style. So if you have an Off 5th near you, you might want to keep checking.
  12. Halzer is right, I remember jchaira mentioning not long ago that Tranquility Alley had congac Marcelles, but they were pricey (I think at retail price), I just can't find where she mentioned it.
  13. Im serious mags:p

    Here is the link to full price marcelles in cognac or black...

  14. Well found Halzer. I couldn't find it on their website when I looked earlier.
  15. Trabquility Alley has had Marcelles listed forever at retail and girls will go to order bags and they will never ship them but charge their cards. I would really refrain from referring people to them at all. They are not good about getting back to you after leaving countless messages either, trust me, I know from experience on that count.