Looking for Kooba & Gustto Sales

  1. I want another Kooba and also a Gustto but need to find the BEST deals to justify my budget. Can any one help?
  2. there is a kooba nad gustto sample sale starting next tues, look in the thread premature heads up gustto sample sale!

    those are def the best deals for the most part!
  3. Kooba.com has some Koobas on sale right now, and Neiman Marcus had some marked down as well. Happy shopping. I love Koobas!
  4. Aeh, not NM. No markdowns anymore. Try ELuxury.
  5. Neiman Marcus sure does still have markdowns on the ginger in chestnut (which i have its amazing) and the chiara and the embossed sienna and a few others

    and they have a gustto baca on sale for $358! :smile:
  6. My bad, they sure do. Thanks! Also Revolve Clothing has some marked down as well. Lotsa deals on Kooba now it seems.
  7. haha i know , prob cause there were all the nyc sample sales and everyone selling those on eBay or going to the sample sale that no one was buying them full price online :smile:
  8. I saw many Koobas at Off Saks, try calling the Arundle Mills location. I remember seeing the Sienna and Ginger.
  9. I don't see too much Gustto sales. But there are alot of Kooba sales. In addition to what was mentioned above, also try JcMadison and Pinkmascara.
  10. Probably :yes:

    Man, I keep going back and forth on my purchase of my Brynne. I do love her, but I love the Ginger too ..... I can't swing both right now as we've put a lot of money out lately into house/landscaping updates.
  11. Also, don't forget that if you're a new customer you get 30% off Revolve's prices! Sign up for their daily candy e-mail via the link on a previous thread on TPF.
  12. Karizma Boutique has 30% off everything including sale items and there are some Kooba's in the sale section. Don't know which Kooba you're looking for though.
  13. Thanks everyone! I'll check these out and let you know what bargains I find!
  14. i'm not sure where you are but i went to Saks off 5th today in Milpitas, CA and they had a ton of koobas - they had the ginger, carla, embossed sienna and a couple other styles. The ginger was $329 + an extra 20% off

    Good luck!
  15. pink mascara has the Ginger bag on sale for $317.50.