Looking for Kale

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  1. I'm looking for a Kale Chilton I in metallic mineral for around 1/2 price or less. Ideas on where to find? I've e-mailed Kale but have received no response. It is still on their site (at full price), but they haven't updated in ages. I am thisclose to ordering the non-metallic one (cheap!) but really, this is the bag I need. Thanks!
  2. I heard they were having a sample sale soon so maybe hold off just in case the sample sale has the exact bag you want.
  3. Thank you! Do you know which site?
  4. Hi,

    If you want to email Jennifer Kale directly, her address is: kalehandbags@mac.com

    I've seen Chiltons on eBay for $99.

  5. I was looking at that, but I think the II is just too big for me. Thanks, though!
  6. Okay, now I'm back and forth on the Chilton II. Does anyone here own one? Just how big are they? I see conflicting measurements on websites.

    Tried e-mailing Kale w/ no luck. A sample sale would rule.
  7. Did you see the sale on eBay? They just put up some Chiltons.
  8. I did, thanks! I am waiting on one in metallic mineral.
  9. Did you score the one listed?
  10. Well . . . I thought I did and went through all of the steps, paid, etc. A few days later, I got a message from Jennifer and she was mistaken: they didn't actually have a Chilton I in metallic mineral in stock. Boo! She offered me Chilton II in metallic black, so I'm taking a chance. I'm worried that it will be HUGE.
  11. Good luck with that compromise, hope it's just right!
  12. Ideeli has a few Kale bags today
  13. 3 bags? LOL, that's the tiniest online sale I've ever seen at one of these sites!