Looking for just a checkbook cover!

  1. Hey all, need some help here!

    OK, first of all, I know writing checks is very passe nowadays - we've got debit cards, paypal and online bill paying now, right?

    I definitely do all that but still occasionally have a need to write a check. And I need to update my checkbook cover in a huge way! I'm almost embarrased to say this but here goes: mine is an old Liz Claiborne one that I've had since college. Remember when those bags with the triangle repeated patterns were all the rage? Well, I got a wallet in that pattern years ago (dark grey and black) and eventually separated the checkbook cover from the rest of the wallet. It's held up amazingly well but gives me 1988 flashbacks, yikes :lol: .

    I really like carrying my checkbook separate from my wallet (a black leather Prada). I don't need my checkbook every day but when I do I really would like to find something up to date if that's possible.

    I love dark colors as most of my bags I normally carry are LV mono or various designers in black or other deep colors. I went to Nordstrom last weekend and was disappointed that the only checkbook colors were these lame shiny leather things that looked totally cheezy. Should I just use the plastic one that came with my bank and just give up?

    Sorry this is long! TIA! :flowers:
  2. I have not been by the LV store yet, but have you checked if they sell check book covers?

    Burberry makes them but I don't think you will like the print.

    You can always try Barneys in downtown Seattle, maybe they could call around to find a Prada one to match your wallet.

    I see covers every now and then, just wait. When you least likely expect to find one you will. :lol:

    I actually got mine from a Coach wallet I purchased awhile back. Actually if you don't mind a Coach one, the Coach outlet up at the Seattle Premium outlets do have some check book covers, I saw them a few months back. I don't know what the actual stores have recently but if you have seen something you have liked in the past you can get the sales associates to look it up for you and see if they may have any in their wherehouse.

    I have not liked a lot of the accessories Nordstroms has been carrying. :sad: I have been looking for a coin purse for awhile and have yet to find one I like.
  3. what about a pocket agenda. It fits a chekbook and 3 credit cards and has 2 slots for receipts/pics.
    I have it in damier and sometimes just grab it and go instead of my large bag.
    I plan on getting one in red epi soon.
  4. Thank you all SO much for the ideas - I'm once again encouraged!

    I will check out all of your suggestions...I definitely don't have to have anything to exactly match my purse or wallet but I do prefer the darker colors.

    thank you thank you!
  5. LV does make several different checkbook covers in the Mono print. My Mom just got the Simple Checkbook cover and it's just that, it has two pockets, one for the checkbook, one for the register. They also have a style that will also fit some credit cards. Also my friend has a really cute one from Brighton (Brighton - Newsletter) she has a lime green one that is lined in teal leather, but they do have black ones brown ones etc.
  6. [​IMG]

    Hehehehe, now this one is in the running too :graucho: . Thanks again to everyone for your ideas!