Looking for Jumbo Patent Blush.

  1. calling all chanel experts in tpf, anybody seen this bag? I have been looking and looking in desperation but couldnt find it. Please please please help i dont think i am able to function normally before getting this bag :crybaby:

    thank you all, feel free to pm me 24/7. thx thx thx

    (oh and photo of the bag courtesy of clk girl thx)
    jumbo patent blush.JPG
  2. I have the jumbo & it is a Gorgeous bag.... :heart:
    when I saw it I just couldn't make myself leave the store without it.:yes:
    Haven't seen any around for a while but you never know.. possibly
    on eBay? Got mine at NM & it may be that they (& BG?) only carried it?
    Can't remember if the Chanel boutiques had it too. Try calling Chanel.
    It was out last spring.
  3. Its a stunning bag, I saw two come up on eBay around October last year, but I think its just a case of keeping on looking and waiting for it to turn up. It will do and the wait will just make you appreciate it all the more too :smile:
  4. This is my HG bag and they are completely sold out. Only NM got them. Good luck finding it.
  5. =) anybody know the codes for this bag? or maybe will it still available in europe? anybody from europe knows? thx ladies. *still hauted by the blush ghost*
  6. I really wanted this bag for a long time but I also heard that it will fade over time. Don't know if that true or not...
  7. It's a lovely bag that i adore and i hope you find one, if not check out on eBay.

    Anyway, not sure if it will fade off at time goes esp it's a light color.

    GL in ur search~~
  8. ive been looking for one too but no luck yet =(
  9. bump...coz I desperately want one too :sad:(
  10. I'm desperately looking for one too as well as the navy patent..kicking myself for not wanting it earlier when they were available:cry:
  11. ^^ me too :sad:

    I totally understand your anguish and pain !! :smile:
  12. Oh~~~Patent Blush, I really love u whatever in Medium or Jumbo...:wlae::wlae:
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  14. Loveaddict, we cannot buy or sell bags here. My advice is to keep checking ebay. Good luck!

  15. I have the Patent Blush and Navy in Jumbo, both were only available at NM or Bergdorfs. They were very limited and as far as fading, I have had no problems from my blush, its the same color as the day I took her home, just gorgeous. They really rarely show up on ebay. If you ever see one on ebay SNAG it, but I think they will go well over $3K or more. Just so rare.

    If you guys want I will post pictures.