Looking for Juicy Bowling bag

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  1. So I am new to Juicy, and I was wondering where I can find an authentic bowling bag. I checked eluxury and the offical website, but they just don't have what I am looking for. I am very hesistant to buy off of e-bay (because the sellers usually have private feedback). Advice???
  2. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Saks are having sales on Juicy and if you're looking for something past season, definitely try Loehmann's or a Saks/NM outlet/Nordstrom Rack or call the Juicy outlet. as for eBay, def stay away from private feedback and try posting in the authentication thread for help. gl!
  3. I agree with uhkiwi.

    Also check Adasa.com for juicy handbags
  4. Are you looking for the small quilted leather Bowler? Black and Cocoa are still available at some locations, most of them have sold out of Pink and White. Black/Cocoa/White can be purchased from NM online.

    If you decide to order from NM, there's promotion code for free shipping (valid until 7/31). Enter SUMMER at checkout.
  5. also try shopbop
  6. Thanks SO much for the code :smile:
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