looking for jenny mccarthys shoes

  1. Did anyone see jenny mccarthy on oprah 2 weeks ago?? I know a serious subject autism, but I LOVED her shoes!!! its been driving me nuts cant find them looked every where. I dont think there chloe. the front looks different. dress was nice too. she's been really stepping it up lately! help anyone??:confused1:
  2. Is this the one? Chloe

  3. I don't know what happened there. i found it at Saks website under choe[​IMG]
  4. Chloe MJ.jpg Jenny on Oprah.jpg
  5. Here is another that looks more like the front part of the shoe...
    Chloe Edith MJ.jpg
  6. thanks ladies. ive seen both of these and no just cant seem to find them!!!:hysteric:
    seen similar ones as well like JOIE veronica maryjanes but still not them. sorry posted on oprahs forum, been checking that out but no one responded to them either:confused1:
  7. The shoes that Jenny McCarthy was wearing on Oprah were from Chloe's F/W 06 collection. eBay is probably the only place you might be able to find them at this point.
  8. :yes::yes:

    they're these, just in camel. my favorite shoes I own.

  9. ahhhh a season too late, im sooooo bummed I love them. even in your color!!! i checked eBay and nothing!!! can you feel my really sad face through the screen!!!!! so sad!!! what was the name of them by the way??
  10. I have no idea on the name, sorry. I have 2 pairs, the grey ones in the pic and then the tan ones jenny has too, those I got on sale at the end of the season since I loved the grey ones so much.

    I'm out of town but when I get back home next week I'll take a look at the shoe boxes and give you all the info :flowers:

    if I don't, pm me, I tend to forget these things...
  11. thanks!! I love them!!
  12. They are Chloe. Try Yoox.com . They have white and blue ones similar in style without the strap and wedges.