Looking for Jade Paddington Medium Satchel

  1. Thanks ladies, I will keep my fingers crossed. I really want a Paddy in a color that stands out, but not in red, I have tons of those. If I can't find a jade are there any other colors to suggest? Will they make newer colors for 2008?
  2. The jade color is from 06. Like you I saw the color on line and fell head over heels in love with it. It truly is gorgeous in real life. By luck I was able to track one down through a very dedicated sales associate at my local chloe authorized retailer. I hope you can find one. Good luck.
  3. I found a jade medium paddy on eBay last year, and it was brand new and really lovely. :tup:(not much of a discount though, I'm sure I paid about $1,200 for it!) :shame: I think the silver hardware on it looks very cool, and you're right that the green color is a bit different. I just bought the tangerine color on diabro.net and gave my daughter the orange paddy that I had. The tangerine is gorgeous, bright and sassy! :p You might want to check out the apple green or tangerine on diabro.net. I have both and they are very cool, but I would keep looking for jade if you really love it. Your links looked okay, but so hard to tell on pics like those.
  4. There may be a similar color for 08 spring with lucite lock!