Looking for Items from Previous Seasons?

  1. (from Nordstrom South Coast Plaza)
    * Spring 2004 *
    'Soft Calf Classics' LG Multipocket <C341003> in Oatmeal ($950)
    (silver hardware, brown suede lining)

    (from Saks South Coast Plaza)
    * Fall 05 *
    'Quilted' Multipocket <C352018> in Black ($1100)
    <Chains, Icy Leather, Burgundy Suede Lining, Antique HW>
    'Soft Calf' Key Pouch <C352033> in Ivory ($125)
    <red stitching, brown suede lining, silver hw>

    * Resort 05 *
    'Quilted' Amanda <C353065> in Hazelnut ($1050)
    'Quilted' Hobo Banana <C353026> in White ($975)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Blake <C353004> in Orange
    'Soft Calf Classics' Multipocket <C353003> in Orange ($895)
    'Soft Calf Classics' LG Multipocket in Black ($975)
    <white stitching, silver hardware; returned item, mislabeled to C362006>
    'Soft Calf' Key Pouch in Denim ($125)

    * Spring 06 *
    'Soft Calf Classics' Tote <C361007> in Black & Putty ($1095)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Hobo <C361009> in Black & Putty ($825)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Zip Clutch <C361401> in Nutmeg & Putty ($395)
    'Mia' Polina <C361018> in Black ($950)
    'Quilted Ursula' Hobo <C361048> in Midnight ($895)
    'Ursula' Lee <C361070> in Black ($995)

    * Fall 06 *
    'Soft Calf Classics' Blake <C362005> in Whiskey ($995)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Multipocket <C362007> in Black ($895)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Zip Clutch in Black & Whiskey ($395)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Key Pouch in Black & Whiskey ($125)
    'Quilted' Stam <C362111> in Cashew ($1275)
    'Quilted' Hobo Banana <C362028> in Cashew ($895)
    'Striping' Hudson <C362077> in Chesnut & Dk Brown ($1275)
    'Quilted' Tote <C362031> in Black ($1200)
    'Soft Box Bag' Box Bag <C362082> in Slate ($995)

    Lots of Small Leather Goods (Zip Clutch, Key Pouch, etc) can be found at Saks SCP. They are stored inside glass cases.
  2. Wow bag.lover, thanks for posting! You've got quite a memory... I need to stop by the BH Saks and see what they've got...
  3. WOW! Whenever I see such postings I wish I were in the US!
  4. bag.lover, you are amazing!!!
    you're like a walking catalog :lol:
  5. Another great post from you, bag.lover! Thanks!!! :yes:
  6. :yes: Yeah..GREAT post..I wish we had a Saks...:drool: :heart: Emmy
  7. I hope some of those bags go on sale!
  8. BL, you are most amazing!! And I must add that you are quite the enabler!!
  9. What a comprehensive report! Thanks Helena!!:flowers:
  10. * Spring 06 *
    'Soft Calf Classics' Blake <C361004> in Putty ($975)

    Marc Jacobs in LA: 323.653.5100 (ask for Stella)
  11. * Fall 05 *
    'Quilted' Venetia <C352017?> in Black & Pearl ($1200)
    (suede lining, icy or nappa leather, antiqued hardware)

    * Resort 05 *
    'Quilted' Amanda <C353065> in Black, White, Denim ($1050)

    * Spring 06 *
    'Soft Calf Classics' Venetia <C361000> in Nutmeg & Putty ($995)
    'Soft Calf Classics' Multipocket <C361002> in Nutmeg ($895)

    Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (949.759.1900, ask for Tiffany in Handbags)
  12. * Resort 05 *
    'Quilted' Zip Clutch <C353056> in Hazelnut ($450)

    * Spring 06 *
    'Soft Calf' Multipocket <C361002> in Putty ($895)
    'Soft Calf' Jane <C361006> in Nutmeg ($1075)
    'Soft Calf' Tote <C361007> in Putty ($1095)
    'Mia' Satchel <C361021> in Nutmeg ($975)
    'Quilted Ursula' Bowler <C361045> in Black ($975)
    'Soft Calf' Zip Clutch <C361401> in Nutmeg ($395)
    'Soft Calf' Key Pouch <C361405> in Sweet Pea ($125)
    'Soft Calf' Key Chain <C361409> in Sweet Pea ($95)

    Bloomingdale's Fashion Island (949.729.6729)
  13. Hi, any sightings of the small quilted bowler in the non-patent ivory color? I bought it a couple months ago, returned it, and am thinking about it again...:s Thanks in advance! :smile:
  14. I saw it at Bloomingdale's Fashion Island a while ago, I'm not sure if it's still there. Their number is 949.729.6729, ask for Tiffany. Good luck. =)

    Call Stella at Marc Jacobs' LA store (323.653.5100), ask her to look one up for you. =)
  15. Thanks so much bag.lover! I'll try calling them in the morning.