Looking For Irene~

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  1. I finally have the funds to get an Irene bag in Monogram and now can't find one. I called 1-866 Vuitton and spoke to an SA in San Diego with no luck. Has anyone seen one?
  2. Sorry I can't be any help over there....am from downunder :upsidedown: and LV has few more left here....
  3. Keep calling the 866 number until you ger someone useful. When you so theyll be able to tell you what stores have it all over the US and then you can purchase from store and have it sent to you if its too far.
  4. Yes I don't understand. 866 should be able to tell you if there is any store in the country that has the bag you want.

    Last year I wanted an Illovo MM and it was discontinued. I called 866 and they were able to tell me that there were only 2 stores in the country who had bags left. They gave me the number and voila! I had it shipped directly from the store.

    Call them back and ask if there is any store in the country that has the bag.
  5. Thanks everyone! I will try calling again. Wish me luck!
  6. My LV told me yesterday that the computer shows none left in the US.
  7. LV online set me up with a specific person that deals with me, I call her for everything.. I tried to buy my Irene through the store but there was some communication issues and my bag got sold to someone else. I was told from the stores stand point that there were no more available. I called my contact online and she did find me one last Thursday but I was told that it was the last mono bag in the US. I heard a second wave of bags is suppose to come through but no one knows when it will be. If you have a good SA at one of the bigger stores you need to get on the waiting list now because it could be a month before the bag comes in again. Good luck!!!

  8. I guess that's my problem I don't have a good SA. I called 1-886-Vuitton and they said that there are none in the US. I will call my local store to see if they can put me on a waiting list. Thanks for your help!
  9. If you keep calling, then one may show up. I find that one SA will say there are none left and then the next SA will say that there are 3 left. It really depends on who you talk to, & if they are willing to "hunt around" to find one.

    I am glad to hear that a second wave of bags is supposed to come through. The suede one has been growing on me.
  10. I called the LV Boutique in San Diego to get on the waitlist and the SA said that it was a one shot deal and they're are 0 in the USA. They are pre-fall bags that won't be replenished. :crybaby: I thought that the bag would be around till September at least since they were barely released in June.
  11. ^^ I am sure one will turn up!! :smile: GL!
  12. there was one in the SAKS in Bala Cynwyd,PA a few days ago..I use NATALIE at the LV there..GL!
  13. Thanks itsonly4me and Jill! I will call tomorrow morning and see if it's still available.
  14. No luck so far. If you see one in the USA please PM me. Thanks!
  15. Try Paramus NJ store, my sa called me and said she had one on hold for me. They might have sold it already. Good luck!!!! I cant belive they only made a limeted quanity. Knowing LV , more will be produced.