Looking For Inspiration

  1. I need your advice on the best kind of wallet/wallet-like LV item I can get for my money:tup:. I have been looking at the Mono Ludlow wallet and also the MC Pochette MM. The bag I carry is the Mono Speedy 25:heart: but I am fine with using a wallet that does not match because I often switch bags or carry just a wallet to work.
    I prefer to stay way way below the $500 mark and I suppose that does not leave too many options. I was even wondering if it would be weird to carry something from the Clutch/Pouch category as a wallet since the Speedy is big enough for the size of those kinds of items:shrugs:. WHAT DO YOU THINK? All advice welcome! I really need a new wallet...:yes:
  2. get a mini pochette like the trunks and bags one. my roomie uses that as her wallet in her vera bradley bag!
  3. hmmm... well you CAN get a mini pochette or a small wallet/accessory, but in terms of functionality, I personally find they're kinda useless unless you go above the 500$ mark.

    If you don't mind getting another brand, I'd recommend Gucci's wallets. LV's wallet selection is probably the most expensive compared to similar sized ones by other luxury designers, imo. So you can get a mid-size wallet with a lot more CC-slots made by Gucci than LV without going over 500$:yes:
  4. I use an agenda as a wallet. The pm size has 3 slots and all my info is in it. The mono pm size is $275.00 and the medium size has 6 slots for $455. They also come in damier, epi, vernis, suhali and a new denim. I do use a cles to keep my ID and debit card handy too.
  5. right now i'm using my agenda as a wallet but i plan on buying a zippy coin purse to put my id, credit cards, and money in so i can get to it quicker & then leave my extra cards in my agenda.
  6. Mono PTI for your price range. Last forever too!!!
  7. Zippy coin purse!
  8. yeah zippy coin purse!! i saw this IRL and it is perfect and just $275/285!! do a search here and you will find pics of it. i will be ordering mine soon.
  9. pochette wallet! the most practical wallet ive had ever!
  10. Thank you everyone for all of the advice!

    FloridaLV and Ashley: I was wondering about those agendas and if they could function as a wallet!!!!!! BUT what about your change? Do coins fall out?
    BagFetish: Thanks for the links, I'll check it out!
  11. I use a filofax credit card page in the back of my agenda for my extra cards & a filofax zip-lock envelope in the front of my agenda for the coins. I have my DL & debit card in the front card holders & i keep my money in the front pocket. I think it functions really well for a wallet. The main reason I want the zippy coin purse is because change my purses a lot & i have some that are too small for the agenda to fit & i don't like changing wallets.
  12. I LOVE the two-sided wallet, the coin on one side and the full wallet on the other, 4 credit card slots and full bill compartment plus its around your price range. Its a comfrotable wallet, not too big and yet it holds everything!
  13. zippy organizer.. fit your checkbook in too!