Looking for Input - the IDEAL Ivory Bag

  1. OK ladies, I am on the hunt for the IDEAL ivory leather bag. Medium size, satchel or shoulder fine. It should have some structure, a sense of play, be modern, and the kind of thing you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt or a summer suit.

    Price range up to $1500.

    I love the ivory in the kooba bags, and the Paige is a definate possibility (I have the Charlie in Rose and it is my favorite bag right now).

    Perhaps a Mulberry Bayswater in Ivory?

    Or the Miu Miu Coffer bag?

  2. Is Putty color an option? The Chanel bags, particularly the Edith in Putty is gorgeous IMO.


    Oh and it goes for about $1275, right in your budget.
  3. This Bottega is also gorgeous in Putty:
  4. The miu miu coffer is gorgeous! I would definitely pick that.
  5. I'm not a huge Chloe fan, but it is a beautiful bag. As far as the suggestion for the BV, those are absolutely beautiful bags.

    OK, more food for thought!
  6. for sure a fendi spy, the word ivory just SINGS spy to me! although i'm quite sure spies are more espensive then that :shame:
  7. MJ Stam looks really nice in cream. (Is it close enough to ivory?)

  8. ^ i love this bag. :heart:
  9. epi bowling montaigne bag pm in ivory-TDF
  10. I will go for a Chloe Edith bag.

    I wanna suggest LV Epi Ivory but from your provided choices , you are sure not a LV fan.
  11. Yes, unfortunately the ivory spy runs about $2100. I just pre-saled one at bloomies F&F, though, so it is possible to get a discount!

    That stam is pretty hot, though, too!
  12. I really like the Chole Bay Bag

    I think it looks kinda funky but you can also dress it up or down... If I can only find Chloe in Canada :push:
  13. This is no where near your budgeted amount but it a very nice bag, I have it in black. Its from Zappos.

  14. OOps, forgot the price, its only 164.00:confused1:
  15. The new ivory lv leather?