Looking for information/pictures

  1. of the picotin.. both PM and MM... leaning towards the MM

  2. picotin.jpg pico3.jpg piconshoulder1.jpg bbq3020607.jpg pico2.jpg
  3. Here is my picotin i think pm size :smile: I'm just a little under 5.5

    to AAN WOW you look GORGEOUS, fantastic pictures
  4. right back at you hkloosterman :flowers:
  5. Wow thank you ladies. I think i'm leaning towards the mm. I want room, it seems like the pm would be too small for what i carry.

    Are there any thread that have pic's of what these two bags would hold ?

    thanks again,

  6. Ooooohhh you NEEEEEEEEDDDDD a barenia picotin!!!

  7. For anyone with a white clemence picotin, do the handles get soiled easily? And how well does it hold up to use? I'm craving a picotin in white, but not sure how well it would stand up to everyday use. I'm also considering it in one of the reds, but it was a picotin in white that peaked my interest in this bag. Thanks!
  8. here's my MM filled with what i usually carry -- a shawl fits in nicely, too.


    from the side:

  9. ^^ thank you so much, it looks like its the size for me.
  10. DQ what a gorgeous Picotin, what are the specs?

  11. I love the flash of pink!!!
  12. I think i am starting to fall in love with picotins as well now!!!