Looking for info on one of my Longchamp bags

  1. Several years ago (probably '99 or '00) I saw a magazine ad for a Longchamp bag that was some sort of shiny iridescent dark greeny blue color. The ad had either a dragonfly or a fairy with very red hair (it's all hazy in my head). Anyway, at the time I was spending way too much on my Saks card at the Off Fifth, and i walked in one day and saw a Longchamp bag that was not the same style but was the same color - a dark blue that has a greenish sheen to it in the right light. It really is a dragonfly kind of color.

    Of course I bought it! Last year my car got broken into and this bag was stolen out of the back. Since it only had makeup in it, it turned up a few days later in a puddle near where the car had been parked and I recovered it, a bit worse for wear but given the obscure nature of the bag, worth keeping.

    At any rate, what I'm really looking for is any info someone might have about this - if you remember this line/color, if you have one, etc. I don't know what it's called or anything, and I was trying to fill out an insurance claim and all I could write was "Longchamp purse - value - irreplaceable!"

    Is it a lonely bag? Does it have cousins out there? The bag is REALLY simple - handles, no snaps or a zip to close (although the sides snap), only one inside pocket. It's stamped 55800 FEP.

    Should post pics to help and will likely do so shortly if this rings a bell for anyone.
  2. It may be from the Veau Foulonne range. Does it have a Longchamp logo on the front? Please post pics...
  3. Looked at the VF line and it seems like those are all textured - this is definitely smooth and shiny.

    Will get pics up when I can figure out how to capture the unique color - and, yes, there's a logo on the front.
  4. They did bring the VF range in different leathers and different seasonal colours in the past. I have seen them in a more shiny leather version before. Do post pics when you get a chance.
  5. It turns out it's something called Scarabee. There's actually one on this page:

    So now I know what to search for on my endless quest to get it a little sister.

    Thanks for the help!