looking for info on Hysteria


Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
I'm on the hunt for information about the pink, black and white Hysteria bag on page 28 of Elle Accessories Spring/Summer. I brought the magazine to two Gucci boutiques and one place took my info, the other offered to research the bag for me, as it might be department store only.

Anyone have any scoop on this bag or am I the only crazed individual wandering the streets of Manhattan with a dog-eared magazine?


Sep 20, 2007
Bay Area, California
Restricter you are too funny. Sorry I don't have any info to offer on this bag, but I just had to tell you how you make me laugh. I've read lots of your post in Louis Vuitton section, By the way are you cheating on Louis with Gucci? Don't worry, I won't tell :graucho:. Good luck with your search.


Bag (and shoe) lady
Oct 27, 2006
I have to tell you - I know reviews have been mixed on this line, I just saw the hysteria bags at Saks yesterday and they were *amazing.* This is the softest patent leather I have ever felt on a handbag. And the pink was TDF if you are a pink person.

(Hi all - new to the Gucci subforum but fell in love with the hysteria bags yesterday and had to come here to see what the word was!)

You might try Saks Fifth Avenue, I don't know the specific bag you are talking about but they had a lot of the hysteria bags!